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JumpingGirraffe's News

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - May 25th, 2009

I started this flash a year ago, but when the tragedy struck and I didn't have flash.. There was a few things I wasn't very happy with in this flash, but for most of it I fixed up, and redid the beginning, that's probably why the animation in the beginning looks a little better at the start and the finish.

I'm a little happy with it's release, but i'd be a little more happy if the score went up a bit.. ( Please don't be a jerk and vote 0 just to make me unhappy.. ( I fear saying this, it will..))

This isn't a bad flash, I just know it could've been a little smoother. ( I left a lot of plot holes in this one to be explained in the next episode, which is already being worked on )


I just started working on this, I brought the frae rate up and it really helps to make it look smoother, and added shading and it just makes it look great... oh yeah.. and a little things I like to call.. FINGERS, yeah, fingers, instead of the nubs, yeah.. So, as you can see after reading this, there WILL be a lot of improvements.

But, I can't give news without a picture, so this is where I'm at currently.

Elastic lad N' Flyboy Ep.2 IS OUT!

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - April 11th, 2009

I'm finally starting to get back on my feet, I have to get so much stuff done ( Elastic lad N Flyboy Ep 2 + 3, Maybe some Penguin life )

I have a new series coming up, called: All is Crossing OVER ME, i'm showing a teaser poster for it, the quality is pretty bad, but the animation will be SO much better. I'm just about to post the story, right next to the poster.

First thing that will be out first, Elastic Lad N Flyboy: Episode 2, then I'll probably start on Episode 3 and Penguin life: Ep 7... or most likely All is Crossing OVER ME.

Well, this is my to do list.

- E n F Ep 2
- Penguin Life Ep 7 ( Maybe )
- All is Crossing OVER ME Ep. 1

I can't make any promises, but I just hope I can start on some things this month, ALSO, 14 Days till' my birthday! Lol

The story is about a sort of drug addict named Alex, he is having so much problems with real life, so he basically just leaves reality with drugs, but this time, he buys from the wrong dealer and gets transported to a new land of Animal Crossing, where he meets a bunch or weird and interesting creatures. But back in reality, he is having problems with his best friend, ( Name should be chosen soon ) he doesn't do drugs, and thinks that Alex may get over his head, so he worries a lot. Alex also has an on and off relationship with a goody-tooshoes ( name shall be chosen soon ).

To be updated soon.

All is Crossing OVER ME News

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - February 14th, 2009

Enjoy! :D
EDIT: It looks better on deviantART..

Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - December 20th, 2008

I'm going to be making movies once in a while but not anytime soon, I'm getting CS4, i's what I used to make A Merry Hallow Christmas! XD

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - September 16th, 2008

Sadly, i wasn't working in the mean time.. my flash has been busted since august 5th or something around there.. but i will get something out soon cause i'm getting a new flash and here are the 3 main thing i will be working on...

( well, finishing ) Elastic lad N' Flyboy Ep.2
( E n F is almost done.. and it should be out the week i get flash back.. )
Penguin life Ep 7 ( i know! Finally )
( Didn't start yet, but i have some pretty twists )
Sok Puppits ( I'm aware i misspelled it, it's suppose to be kinda dumb )
( I acually started Sok puppits when i was in grade 5 as a comic series.... 4 later!!! It's a cartoon series! )

Well, if i can i try and get a friends madness 2 in.. ( i know ) but animation has come a long way for me.. so if i get flash this week there will be one!

So, a lot to look forward too..


Posted by JumpingGirraffe - July 31st, 2008

Elastic lad n FlyBoy Episode 2 will take about 2 to 3 weeks to make, but stay tuned, a JumpingGirraffe 3rd Year Anniversary Movie is coming out this month and a new game in the making.

JumpingGirraffe 3rd year Anniversary Month

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - July 20th, 2008

After over a month working on it, it's finally out, the first episode on Elastic Lad N' FlyBoy!
Go check it out in my main :P

Elastic Lad N' FlyBoy is OUT!!! :D

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - July 8th, 2008

The last thing i posted was to say sorry, now i'm saying i'm back with a bunch of new ideas!

Ultimate weapon is going to take a lot longer than expected.. i have to start all over on it and limbo.. :(
Well, that's the bad news, the good news is i came up with a all new series idea called Element a series about 4 people share a gift of being able to use 1 of 4 elements.. one has water, other has fire, and the other 2 has wind and earth..
The wind and earth wants all the power so they team up to kill the water and fire guys.
The fire and water guys are the good guys and just want to be treated like regular people ( though there not really people.. )

More to tell tomorrow, hopefully i'll have flash downloaded so i'll be able to work :D

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - July 8th, 2008

Sorry newgrounds, i freaked out because i worked hard on a game that got a bad review from everyone, you fall through the floor, is a glitch, i anyone can, please send a better code to use, for the ground.

Posted by JumpingGirraffe - June 8th, 2008

Well, i've been working on a whole bunch of stuff, 4 in fact! That's why nothing has been added recently..
first of all a BRAND NEW SERIES called Limbo is coming real soon.. and then Ultimate weapon, i'm on the works of a music video for the song Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss, and a game called Lost.
Just telling you all this quick so, i can get back to my work :D
i won't leave you hanging ( as nasty as that sounds ) here's a picture of limbo.

Alot of new stuff