Entry #18

Elastic lad N' Flyboy Ep.2 IS OUT!

2009-05-25 16:50:58 by JumpingGirraffe

I started this flash a year ago, but when the tragedy struck and I didn't have flash.. There was a few things I wasn't very happy with in this flash, but for most of it I fixed up, and redid the beginning, that's probably why the animation in the beginning looks a little better at the start and the finish.

I'm a little happy with it's release, but i'd be a little more happy if the score went up a bit.. ( Please don't be a jerk and vote 0 just to make me unhappy.. ( I fear saying this, it will..))

This isn't a bad flash, I just know it could've been a little smoother. ( I left a lot of plot holes in this one to be explained in the next episode, which is already being worked on )


I just started working on this, I brought the frae rate up and it really helps to make it look smoother, and added shading and it just makes it look great... oh yeah.. and a little things I like to call.. FINGERS, yeah, fingers, instead of the nubs, yeah.. So, as you can see after reading this, there WILL be a lot of improvements.

But, I can't give news without a picture, so this is where I'm at currently.

Elastic lad N' Flyboy Ep.2 IS OUT!


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2009-07-02 22:26:45

Can giraffes really jump?

JumpingGirraffe responds:

Only some, it's pretty rare and their names has to be misspelled.